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About Us

GreenCollar is a dedicated natural resource management and environmental markets consultancy providing research and project management services to the agricultural, forestry and environment sectors.

Led by an experienced management and consulting team of agricultural and environmental professionals, GreenCollar has been providing advisory services in the Australian and International market place since 2008.

Development of Environmental Markets

GreenCollar has been at the forefront of the development of new markets such as biodiversity and carbon through initiatives such as the development of the world’s first forest carbon accounting methodology to generate carbon credits by converting commercially logged forests into conservation areas.  GreenCollar is currently working on several new methodologies for assessment of carbon stocks in rangeland and forest systems.

These methodologies and carbon accounting tools allow farmers, landholders and land managers to monetise greenhouse gas emission reductions, abatement and sequestration achieved through the implementation of a wide range of land use change scenarios.

Recent work within this sector has included projects in South-East Asia, Africa and Europe as well as extensive work in the Australian rangelands.

GreenCollar is also currently the recipient of grant funding along with University of NSW from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as the project leader of a research project to assess a new method for estimating project carbon stocks in agricultural systems using remotes sensing data and in-situ photo-spectrometry.

Project Management and Development

Designing and implementing a project efficiently and effectively is critical to the success of complex natural resource management projects.

Our experience in project development includes some of the world’s largest sustainable land management and carbon forestry projects and initiatives in places as diverse as Indonesia, China, Laos, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, DRC and Uganda as well as extensive work in NSW, Qld and the Northern Territory.

Our services on project development include:

  • Initial project identification
  • Development of project design documents
  • Management of audit processes
  • Project implementation
  • Policy advisory and economic analysis services

The GreenCollar team and our network of consultants have wide-ranging experience advising governments, international development / financial organisations, and the private sector in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, environmental and natural resource management programs. GreenCollar has advised institutions such as the World Bank, WWF, UNFCCC, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, as well as governments at the local, state and federal levels.

Monitoring and evaluation

Our team offers deep expertise in the design of project / program monitoring, and monitoring & evaluation (M&E) toolkits and frameworks, including indicator development and data collection. Our staff have decades of experience in assessment, M&E, and verification in agriculture, rangeland and forest ecosystems. This has included work on socio-economic and biodiversity assessment, ecosystem processes, and wildlife and carbon management. The most current projects focus on forestry and soil carbon in Australia.