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Marta Ruiz-Colmenero – Data Manager Marta is an Environmental Science graduate with a PhD in soil science. Her research focuses on the assessment of soil surface conditions, erosion and runoff and understanding how the interaction between soil and plants affect water balance and soil physical parameters. Marta has extensive field experience in semi-arid areas and is interested in the impact of human use of soil, and the assessment of different land management strategies to promote sustainable land use. 

FullSizeRender (2)Rachel Chiswell – Senior Project Manager  Rachel completed an Honours Degree in Biological Science from the University of New South Wales, specialising in reproductive ecology. After graduating, Rachel worked in the environmental monitoring industry as a data analyst and travelled to Costa Rica and South Africa to volunteer on conservation research projects. Since joining GreenCollar Rachel has worked both in the field team and at head office. As a field team leader Rachel communicates with landholders, supervising targeted biomass surveys and destructive sampling. Rachel oversees GreenCollar’s data management.


Louise Nott – Data Manager & Field Team Leader Louise is a Environmental Scientist, who completed her Bachelor of Science (Biology and Marine Science) with Honours in Geography at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about environmental science and management, with fieldwork experience in terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Louise is a Field Team Leader at GreenCollar, supervising teams on Carbon Farming projects. She is involved in the ongoing monitoring and database management of these projects.


298295_10150836805545291_1857141854_n (1)Elissa Black – Communications and Stakeholder Manager Elissa has been with GreenCollar since April 2014. Prior to this Elissa spent 10 years travelling and working around the globe in a range of industries. In 2013 her passion for conservation and the environment saw her return home to pursue her environmental career. As a previous member of the Monitoring Team, Elissa has a strong understanding of what is required for effective communication and developing long-term relationships in rural Australia. Elissa studied a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology & Conservation Biology at Monash University, Melbourne. During this time she worked in Veterinary and Biomedical Pathology, later using these skills to work as a Biomedical Scientist in London.

GCSWebsite_photoLaura Watts – GeoSpatial Specialist Laura joined GreenCollar as a geospatial analyst. She uses GIS and remote sensing analysis to design Native Forest Protection and Human Induced Regeneration Projects. She is involved in the spatial aspects of the monitoring program. Laura has a background in spatial science and physical geography, and holds an Honours degree in Geography from The University of New South Wales. She is interested in using spatial tools to monitor the effects of climate change. Prior to joining GreenCollar Laura worked as a research assistant and tutor in GIS, remote sensing and statistics.

Bev website picBevan Yiu – Technical Officer, Monitoring Bevan is a field ecologist with experience in terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Working in the monitoring team, he holds knowledge of vegetation communities in central New South Wales, fauna surveying, operational logistics and safe working practices in remote areas. Bevan manages the database for GreenCollar projects with rural landholders. Bevan has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney, with Honours in herbivory, population dynamics, and habitat association from the University of Technology, Sydney. Bevan is particularly interested in human-fauna interactions, trophic cascades, and the effects of environmental change on biodiversity.

Work PhotoElyce Coluccio – Reporting & Verification Manager  Elyce Coluccio is an ecologist with  a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Sydney. She majored in Biology and Environmental Studies and her Honours project investigated frugivory by rodents in temperate Eucalyptus woodlands. Elyce has comprehensive experience in ecological research, pre-clearance surveys, fauna and flora identification and ecological survey techniques. In the past she has worked in small teams in remote locations and is currently part of GreenCollar’s field research team. Elyce is experienced in animal trapping, handling and care and has a passion for wildlife conservation.

myaMya Gaby – Reporting & Verification Manager Mya joined the GreenCollar team in 2014, working on Native Forest Protection projects in western New South Wales. Previously, Mya worked on a variety of research projects, in zoological, ecological and medical fields. She has a background in zoology, botany, ecology and conservation biology and has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Otago (New Zealand) and Masters of Conservation Biology from The University of New South Wales and the Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). She has volunteered for animal sanctuaries around the world, including The United Kingdom, Ireland, Cameroon and Egypt.

Rhes photoRhes Luders – Technical Officer Rhes is a qualified electronics technician with a Certificate III in Electronics and Communications. He has extensive experience repairing electronic equipment, communication systems setup and providing clients with audiovisual installations. Rhes oversees destructive sampling, with a chainsaw operation accreditation and rural surveying experience. Rhes a seasoned member of the field team and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys rock climbing, camping and bushwalking.


20151101_215226Casey Harrison – Senior Field Technician Casey assists the field team leaders in the logistics and execution of fieldwork. He oversees equipment and vehicle maintenance, including the administration and supply of field apparatus. He is a Cobar local, with strong community ties to landholders and a strong understanding of farming practices. Casey as a full-time field team member, ensures a smooth transitioning between field team dynamics and monitoring trips. 



10342901_10202463360965560_7016436381726258821_n (2)Zoë Armstrong – Field Officer Zoë obtained her Masters of Conservation Biology through the University of New South Wales and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. In 2015 Zoë joined Green Collar as a member of the field team, working on Native Forest Protection projects. Zoë completed her undergraduate degree in New Zealand and Spain, with majors in Ecology, Biodiversity and Spanish. Zoë has a particular interest in science writing and communication. She has created and edited a range of media content including educational resources for school journals, science exhibitions and information centres as well as website content and marketing materials for NGOs.

Work Photo (1)Sam Chesworth – Field Officer Sam started working for GreenCollar in March 2014 as part of the field team. Prior to this, he worked for an insurance broker. Sam has a Bachelor of Environmental Systems from the University of Sydney and completed his Honours thesis investigating the influence of environmental plantations on wildfire behaviour in the agricultural landscape. He is currently completing a Certificate IV in Carbon Management. His hobbies include mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing and traveling.

20150721_165312Saul Clough – Field Team Leader & Geospatial Technician Saul has a degree in environmental science, majoring in Natural Resource Management. He has experience with water resources, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, aquaculture management, sustainable farming practices and forest inventory surveys – his current role. Prior to working for GreenCollar, Saul worked in the United States for community and government organisations mapping storm water infrastructure, designing and implementing water quality programs. Saul is a member of the field team and is qualified in the use of chainsaw operations, four-wheel-driving and wilderness first aid.