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ABC Rural: Satellite mapping of soil carbon

Posted by: Schultz on Thursday, 8 November 2012
ABC Rural: Satellite mapping of soil carbon

– this article was originally published on the ABC website, 8 November 2012 

Satellite mapping of soil carbon

By Caddie Brain

Thursday, 08/11/2012

Land owners may soon be able to measure how much carbon is in their soils using satellite data.

Sydney company GCS are trying to find a cost effective way of estimating carbon levels in rangeland soils, by correlating satellite data and soil samples from Beetaloo Station and Utopia in the Northern Territory.

Research manager Jenny Sinclair says the development of this measurement tool, is an essential step towards the approval of a rangeland soil methodology under the Carbon Farming Initiative.

“At the moment there’s just no accurate or affordable method of measuring carbon on a project scale in a rangeland environment.

By using data that’s being collected on an ongoing basis by satellites, it would minimise the cost and the amount of time spent trying to get baseline estimate of your carbon.”

To here the interview follow the link Jenny Sinclair Interview