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Rural Social Network – Farmz.com.au

Posted by: Schultz on Thursday, 5 February 2015

Farmz.com.auGreenCollar is proud to announce our support for the newly launched social media network Farmz.com.au.  The social network site is the brainchild of sixth-generation beef cattle producer Alex Sparkes and is now helping farms across the country to connect and access each other. The farming focused social network is all about helping land managers and primary producers share knowledge, ideas and experiences with fellow farmers and industry participants.  Uniquely this is a social network run by farmers for farmers.

 The simple design gives farmers the ability to easily share things such as local rainfall figures, advice, product sales and other useful information.

Greencollar is a dedicated natural resource management and environmental markets consultancy providing research and project management services to the agricultural, forestry and environment sectors.

 It naturally sees that supporting Farmz.com.au is another way to help provide farmers with every resource they need to employ effective and efficient farming practises. GreenCollar is activity working with landholders across the country and has in partnership with landowners in Western NSW developed over 40 carbon projects. With the support and commitment of these farmers GreenCollar has become the largest supplier of land based carbon abatement and Australian Carbon Credits (ACCUs) in the Australian market.


GreenCollar looks forward to working with Alex and his team well into the future. So jump on and have a look at Farmz.com.au.