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Australian offsets scheme to be under-supplied next year
Wed, 15/02/12 – 17:09 | Posted by James Schultz

PointCarbon news reported yesterday that “demand for carbon credits from Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) will vastly exceed supply in this decade, analysts say, forcing emitters to look abroad for millions of lower-cost emission reductions.”
The …

New US budget – implications for climate and clean energy spending
Tue, 14/02/12 – 16:57 | Posted by James Schultz

Yesterday US President Barack Obama unveiled his budget proposal for FY 2013.  
* The US Department of Defense, which is the world’s largest energy consumer, will receive some $1 billion for energy conservation efforts.
* Support …

US State of the Union address points to action on climate
Wed, 25/01/12 – 16:56 | Posted by James Schultz

In his State of the Union Address yesterday, US President Barack Obama made energy issues a focal point. He said that it was time to “end the taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s rarely been …

Australian CO2 from electricity fell slightly in 2011
Fri, 20/01/12 – 17:32 | Posted by James Schultz

Carbon emissions from Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) fell 1.7 percent in 2011 as the financial crisis continued to have an impact on overall demand, according to a January 12 report by consultancy Reputex.
The sector’s …

China undecided on carbon tax
Wed, 11/01/12 – 17:37 | Posted by James Schultz

China remains undecided whether to tax carbon emissions, as the government weighs how it could impact plans to launch an emissions trading scheme and whether it is feasible given current high domestic tax levels, a …

North American CO2 market value set to double to $782 million
Wed, 11/01/12 – 11:46 | Posted by James Schultz

The volume of carbon permits and credits traded in North America is set to double in 2012, with as many as 179 million tonnes expected to change hands as California and Quebec’s carbon markets come …

Forecast for 2012 carbon price slashed
Wed, 11/01/12 – 11:38 | Posted by James Schultz

Barclays Capital has slashed its price outlook for European Union and UN-backed carbon for 2012 and beyond, as prospects of a recession could further weaken demand in the oversupplied carbon market. The bank forecast front-year EU allowances to …

Climate Talks Should Fix CO2 Price, Not Cap
Wed, 11/01/12 – 11:35 | Posted by James Schultz

United Nations climate envoys should set a carbon price rather than fix a global cap on greenhouse- gas emissions, cutting the complexity of international negotiations, David Silverstein, a neuroscientist with an interest in climate negotiations …

No carbon tax for China after all
Wed, 11/01/12 – 9:46 | Posted by James Schultz

A Chinese government-affiliated researcher has denied reports that China is set to introduce a carbon tax before 2015.
“The introduction of carbon tax is not on the political agenda,” Fu Zhihua with the Financial Science Research Institute, …

Pressure on to release carbon tax advice
Tue, 10/01/12 – 15:04 | Posted by James Schultz

Marcus Priests writes in the Australian Financial Review today that the federal government has sought legal advice on whether the repeal of its carbon price legislation would en­able companies to claim millions of dollars in …