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Carbon Farming Initiative: creating opportunities for farmers and landholders
Fri, 22/07/11 – 10:53 | Posted by James Schultz

Cameron Kelly writes in the Australian Financial Review today that “what a lot of people don’t seem to realise is that the government’s proposed Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), in conjunction with the $23/tonne price of carbon, …

World forests can remove significant carbon from atmosphere, according to a new CSIRO paper
Fri, 22/07/11 – 10:50 | Posted by James Schultz

The world’s forests remove 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere – equivalent to one third of current annual fossil fuel emissions – according to new research published in the journal Science.
The article quotes …

A spike in projects under Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative predicted
Fri, 22/07/11 – 10:50 | Posted by James Schultz

Samantha Bowers reports in the Australian Financial Review today that “lawyers are predicting a spike in work from projects under the federal government’s Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), fuelled by the government’s announcement last week that it …

Australia sets carbon price at AU$23 starting 2012
Mon, 11/07/11 – 8:49 | Posted by James Schultz

Australia on Sunday unveiled details of its carbon policy, setting the price at AU$23 per carbon tonne emitted by the country’s top 500 polluters starting in mid-2012, and then raising the price 2.5 per cent …

A review of carbon tax and trading schemes around the world: The Guardian
Mon, 11/07/11 – 7:09 | Posted by James Schultz

Our website news readers are probably often wondering how carbon tax and emissions trading schemes around the world compare. The UK’s Guardian newspaper published this useful review of country comparisons on Sunday:

Macquarie Bank-World Bank form forestry fund
Fri, 8/07/11 – 11:01 | Posted by James Schultz

Macquarie Group and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private lending arm of the World Bank Group, have announced a US$25 million forest management firm for forest carbon projects in developing countries.
Funded between various World Bank schemes, …

Australia and New Zealand to work on linking emissions trading
Tue, 5/07/11 – 16:28 | Posted by James Schultz

Australia and New Zealand will work to form a linked emissions trading scheme, the prime ministers of both countries said, according to various media reports.
The news comes after New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who introduced emissions trading in …

Australia carbon plan to be unveiled this week
Mon, 4/07/11 – 16:49 | Posted by James Schultz

An Australian carbon price scheme putting a tax on emissions and outlining a transition to emissions trading around 2015 will be unveiled later this week, the deputy leader of the  Greens Party said today. 

Christine Milne …

Europe to deepen emission cuts
Mon, 4/07/11 – 14:17 | Posted by James Schultz

The European Parliament this week will be asked to endorse an increase in the European Union’s target for greenhouse gas reductions, from 20 to 30 percent by 2020, compared to 1990.
Writing in an editorial piece at …

Canadian states likely to follow California in ETS delay
Mon, 4/07/11 – 12:50 | Posted by James Schultz

British Columbia and Quebec are now likely to delay industry compliance with carbon targets until 2013 in light of California’s announcement last week that it will delay enforcement of its carbon trading scheme by one year, news reports say.
The …