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Media coverage of climate change ‘infantile,’ economist says
Tue, 25/05/10 – 8:12 | Posted by James Schultz

Speaking at a Melbourne summit on the green economy, Australian National University Professor Will Steffen criticised the media for treating climate change science as a political issue in which two sides should be given a …

NZ ETS a go ahead
Mon, 24/05/10 – 12:47 | Posted by James Schultz

New Zealand will go ahead with its proposed carbon trading scheme despite Australia abandoning its plan to price carbon last month, prime minister John Key told Television New Zealand today, after weeks of rumors and …

More droughts for Australia: climate scientists
Mon, 24/05/10 – 10:51 | Posted by James Schultz

A climate change-driven rise in temperature in the Pacific region could mean more droughts in Australia, climate scientists have found.
The region will have significant temperature changes, which will affect the natural El Nino – La …

US climate legislation to create thousands of jobs: study
Sat, 22/05/10 – 12:29 | Posted by James Schultz

U.S. Senate climate legislation unveiled last week would spark multi-billion-dollar investments into overhauling the energy sector, adding some 200,000 jobs per year over the next decade in the construction of new power plants and through …

US lead science body urges climate action
Sat, 22/05/10 – 1:55 | Posted by James Schultz

Climate change is a reality and is driven mostly by human activity – chiefly the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation – the U.S. leading scientific body states in its most comprehensive study on the …

UK to push Europe for further emissions cuts
Fri, 21/05/10 – 12:23 | Posted by James Schultz

The UK government will push the European Union to up its greenhouse has emission cuts to 30 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, rather than the current 20 percent target.
The new government, led by Conservatives and …

Opposition sees major cuts in climate change programs
Thu, 20/05/10 – 12:08 | Posted by James Schultz

A Coalition government would slash funding from or completely do away with some of Kevin Rudd’s key climate change initiatives.
Issuing its hit list of cost-cutting measures designed to bring the budget back into surplus, the …

Costa Rican is new UN climate chief
Tue, 18/05/10 – 8:52 | Posted by James Schultz

Costa Rica’s Christina Figueres has been announced as the new head of the UN climate convention, replacing outgoing chief Yvo de Boer as he departs in coming weeks.
Daughter of former Costa Rican president Jose Figueres …

Climate scientists to learn from their mistakes: IPCC
Tue, 18/05/10 – 8:48 | Posted by James Schultz

The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said the organisation needs to learn from recent criticisms and modernise its workings.
But despite making an error over Himalayan glacier melt in its landmark …

CCS is essential, Stern says
Mon, 17/05/10 – 8:51 | Posted by James Schultz

Sir Nicholas Stern said carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is essential.
Speaking at a members’ meeting of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute in the US last week, Stern said that CCS “it isn’t …