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MEDIA RELEASE: GCS native forest protection methodology endorsed
Tue, 11/06/13 – 22:17 | Posted by James Schultz
MEDIA RELEASE: GCS native forest protection methodology endorsed

SYDNEY, 27 May 2013 –The GCS Methodology for Native Forest Protection (Avoided Deforestation) has been endorsed by the Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee, becoming the first of its kind under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).
“Under the methodology …

World emissions up to record high
Tue, 11/06/13 – 11:54 | Posted by James Schultz

Emissions of carbon dioxide rose by 1.4 per cent in 2012 to a record high of 31.6 billion tonnes, the International Energy Agency said yesterday with the release of its annual World Energy Outlook report.
The …

Is an aviation carbon tax on its way?
Tue, 11/06/13 – 10:00 | Posted by James Schultz

Despite the unpopularity of a European aviation carbon emission tax, the world’s airlines are ready to discuss global measures, the New York Times reports.
The article reports:
“Last week, airlines called on the aviation authorities to find …

Takeaways from world Carbon Expo
Sat, 8/06/13 – 11:58 | Posted by James Schultz

More than 2,000 participants from more than 100 countries attended the Carbon Expo in Barcelona last week. Carbon Market Institute CEO Peter Castellas reports on some of the key takeaways for Australia, in this piece …

Carbon tax should not go away: Combet
Thu, 6/06/13 – 11:54 | Posted by James Schultz

Australians are better off under the carbon tax, according to Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, who has declared the carbon pricing a great Labor reform that Tony Abbott “cannot and will not” repeal.
In an address …

Poll shows Australians want carbon pricing given a go
Tue, 28/05/13 – 22:06 | Posted by Kristina Stefanova

The Australian yesterday reported on a WWF poll that found that only one in five undecided voters want the government’s carbon pricing scheme repealed.
The polling shows only 19 per cent of the 20 per cent …

World reaches troubling CO2 milestone
Tue, 28/05/13 – 21:58 | Posted by James Schultz

Earlier this month, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii recorded a carbon dioxide concentration of 400 parts per million for the first time.  Atmospheric CO2 levels are now at 40 per cent higher than before …

China to introduce tough controls on carbon pollution
Mon, 27/05/13 – 21:49 | Posted by James Schultz

China is looking at introducing tough controls on its carbon pollution as soon as 2016, the Financial Times, PointCarbon and the UK Independent have reported over the past day.
The FT calls it a “shift that …

First thoughts on Australia’s carbon budget
Tue, 23/04/13 – 14:56 | Posted by James Schultz

The Climate Change Authority (CCA) has begun a 10-month study into Australia’s greenhouse emissions targets, a review that is likely to recommend a national “carbon budget” for the very first time, and could possibly suggest …

New report focuses on growing ‘carbon bubble’
Sun, 21/04/13 – 14:26 | Posted by James Schultz

The Carbon Tracker Initiative, out of the UK, has a new report out warning that too much investment in fossil fuel reserves risks bringing on a new global economic crisis.
The report, Unburnable Carbon 2013: Wasted …