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Why worry about climate change
Mon, 11/03/13 – 10:14 | Posted by James Schultz

A good reminder of why we need to worry about climate change and impacts, graphic from Information is Beautiful.


How much can we get out of the CFI?
Thu, 28/02/13 – 14:06 | Posted by James Schultz

An opinion article in Climate Spectator today says the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI )will offset between 5 and 39 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year by 2020, with a total annual value of between …

32 per cent change that Abbott can kill the carbon price
Wed, 27/02/13 – 14:08 | Posted by James Schultz

Analysis published yesterday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) says that there is a 32 per cent chance that Australia’s carbon price will be repealed after the 14 September federal election.
The full BNEF White Paper – “Will Australia’s …

Obama says he will put a price on carbon
Wed, 13/02/13 – 15:18 | Posted by James Schultz

President Barack Obama in the State of the Union address laid out his plan for pursuing a price on carbon in the United States.
Obama said: “I urge this Congress to get together, pursue a bipartisan, …

Renewable energy now cheaper than fossil fuels in Australia
Thu, 7/02/13 – 15:43 | Posted by James Schultz

Renewable energy is now cheaper than electricity from new-build coal- and gas-fired power stations in Australia, according to new analysis from research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 

The study shows that electricity can be supplied from …

29 OECD countries price carbon; many higher than Australia
Sat, 2/02/13 – 15:22 | Posted by James Schultz

New research released by the OECD today says that 29 countries have higher ‘effective’ carbon prices than Australia.
Taxing Energy Use: A Graphical Analysis provides systematic statistics on energy and carbon taxation across all OECD member …

EU, Australia urge UN to give CDM access to all
Tue, 4/12/12 – 9:46 | Posted by James Schultz

Officials from Australia and the European Union called upon UN negotiators to allow all nations to use carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to meet emission reduction goals, regardless of whether the targets …

Deforestation talks stall at Doha
Tue, 4/12/12 – 9:43 | Posted by James Schultz

Disagreement over how to verify emission reductions from avoiding deforestation threatens to block a deal among 194 nations on how to halt logging, which accounts for around 14 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, …

Carbon ‘tax’ now more popular than Abbott
Tue, 27/11/12 – 14:07 | Posted by James Schultz

For the first time in a long time, more people support the carbon ‘tax’ (46 per cent) than oppose it (44 per cent), according to a new Essential Media poll.
While net support is quite thin …

Australia sets Kyoto 2 target
Tue, 27/11/12 – 10:01 | Posted by James Schultz

Australia announced yesterday that its pledge under a second period of the Kyoto Protocol is to keep greenhouse gas emissions half a percent below 1990 levels over the 2013 to 2020 period.

Like Australia’s national target, …