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GreenCollar Group is an environmental markets and project development consultancy that helps business develop the necessary climate change management frameworks to protect and enhance shareholder value, address the foreseeable impacts of climate change on business and manage the transition to fully carbon-conscious business over the long-term.

Our team is led by a strong executive and consulting team comprised of environment, forest, energy, climate change, carbon finance and strategic risk experts. The core team is complemented by a strategic partnership with leading international carbon advisory firm Climate Focus, enabling us to provide to our clients a team with unmatched depth of expertise in the development of policy and projects in environment, ecosystem services, agriculture, forestry, climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energy and capacity building.

GreenCollar Group has expertise in the following sectors:

Agriculture, forestry and land use (AFOLU)

Our team has extensive experience in the development of a range of methodology areas including AFOLU, biofuel, innovative waste processing and energy efficiency in the building sector. Within the forest sector, GreenCollar and our partners are leading the way through our Improved Forest Management (IFM) methodology, approved by the Voluntary Carbon Standard in February, and a set REDD and agriculture methodology modules under review.

Our consultants have diverse experience drafting and negotiating complex carbon agreements, including transactional and structuring support to carbon projects such as establishing carbon funds, implementing projects and contracting intermediaries. This has included drafting and negotiating forest carbon sale and purchase contracts for projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as preparing template contracts for the sale and purchase of forest carbon credits.

GreenCollar’s project experience includes work on some of the world’s largest carbon forestry projects and initiatives. We work on project identification, development, management of validation and verification process and ongoing monitoring and evaluation. We pride ourselves on our rigorous due diligence, which identifies and analyses a range of risks associated with carbon credit projects that can affect their ability to generate credits.

Natural Resource Management

The agricultural sector is heavily affected by global climate change – from the direct impact of weather and local climate variation to changes in the cost of agricultural inputs and demand in global markets.

The GreenCollar team has extensive experience in the natural resource management sector, including livestock production, cropping, forestry, and conservation management. Our team and partners have provided these services to clients around the world, including in the Northern Territory, NSW, Qld, Tasmania and Victoria in Australia as well as Africa, South-East Asia, Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Renewable Energy

In 2016, GreenCollar expanded into the renewable energy markets. Building on its proven experience in Carbon markets managing large contracts for ACCUs, GreenCollar now provides innovative contracting solutions to renewable energy market participants. With an experienced environmental markets team, GreenCollar is able to tailor structured solutions to meet the needs of liable entities, electricity users and renewable energy developers to maximise the effectiveness of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and minimise market risk.

With action on climate change in full swing around the world, the renewable energy industry is set to undergo a huge investment boom in the coming decade and GreenCollar is positioned to assist the industry to manage the policy and regulatory risk in the marketplace.


GreenCollar Group leads an innovative environmental research program focusing on improving our capacity to understand, manage and conserve biodiversity and natural resources in forestry, agricultural and rangeland settings.

Our overall research objective is to develop projects that deliver world-class research to environmental managers and other stakeholders to use in land-use planning and decision-making. This includes understanding how ecosystems function, monitoring their status and ecology, maintaining and building ecosystem resilience, and exploring how to better use markets to promote sustainable land use practices whilst promoting social welfare.

Private Public Partnerships

The CCA is a public-private collaboration between GreenCollar and the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP). The CCA aims to ensure Catchment Conservation is key priority for projects implemented under the Commonwealths Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), in particular the Great Barrier Reef and Morten Bay Catchments.

International development

The GreenCollar team presents an unmatched track record in the development of policy and projects in environment, ecosystem services, agriculture, forestry, climate change adaptation/mitigation, renewable energy and capacity building. Our team is comprised of experts with experience from non-governmental organisations as well as leading institutions such as the World Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, Global Environment Facility and African Union.

GreenCollar’s work in international development includes policy and advisory services to governments and private sector agents engaged in forestry and land management in Asia-Pacific and Africa. Our team is also involved in project development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation and capacity building for a variety of environment and sustainable resource management initiatives.