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International Development

The GreenCollar Group team and our network of consultants have wide-ranging experience in international development, including advising governments, international development and financial organizations and the private sector in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation/mitigation strategies and environment and natural resource management programs. We have provided advisory services on the regulatory framework of the UNFCCC, UNCCD and the Kyoto Protocol and have advised on land management and forestry policy for projects in Asia-Pacific, Africa and South America. Among our clients are organizations like the World Bank and major international NGOs.

Our team offers unmatched expertise in the design of project and program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) toolkits and frameworks, including indicator development and data collection. We also integrate capacity building as key feature into all GreenCollar programs and projects as a core principle.

Recent projects include environmental assessments in Asia-Pacific; forestry and sustainable land management projects in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Africa; and facilitation of policy dialogue on sustainable land management and climate change alongside the last UNCCD COP.

To find out more please contact James Schultz at james.schultz@greencollar.com.au or on +61 422 948 056