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GreenCollar Group leads an innovative environmental research program focusing on improving our capacity to understand, manage and conserve biodiversity and natural resources in forestry, agricultural and rangeland settings.

Our overall research objective is to develop projects that deliver world-class research to environmental managers and other stakeholders to use in land-use planning and decision-making. This includes understanding how ecosystems function, monitoring their status and ecology, maintaining and building ecosystem resilience, and exploring how to better use markets to promote sustainable land use practices whilst promoting social welfare.

Research Strengths

1. Survey design and planning: Development and implementation of tools, methods and protocols for use in environmental surveys across a range of environments.

e.g. GreenCollar is currently refining and applying new approaches to sampling biomass in mosaic rangeland landscapes in Central and Western NSW

2. Environmental markets: Research into the development of optimal methodologies and tools for use in baselining and monitoring carbon stock changes in a variety of land use scenarios.

e.g. GreenCollar has led the development of a range of land use carbon accounting methodologies for use in forest management, land-use conversion and agricultural land management.

3. Spatial Information Research: Remote sensing, image analysis, and GIS analysis and development for use in project-scale environmental assessment and predictive modelling.

e.g. Development of a predictive model using remote sensing data to forecast carbon stocks at a project scale in rangeland environments. GreenCollar is the project leader of a consortium that includes the University of New South Wales, Bio-Agriculture, local Landcare groups and property owners.

To find out more please contact Jenny Sinclair at jenny.sinclair@greencollar.com.au or on +61 401 608 037