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GreenCollar Group offers an array of services to clients, providing insights into international or national climate policy, assess a carbon market opportunity, or develop emission reduction protocols.

Our services include:

Project Design and Development

Designing a project correctly and effectively is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a client’s successful project.  Choosing the right tools to structure a project is something GreenCollar brings significant experience to, with foresight that can save clients time and resources over the course of a project’s lifetime.

Due Diligence

Carbon markets are complex. Knowing the value and risks of a carbon assets allows investors to realize the full potential of their projects in the long-term.

Policy, Strategic and Advisory

Tackling climate change has become an economic opportunity, an environmental necessity and a pillar of energy and economic policy.  Through our policy and advisory work, GreenCollar has gained a unique insight into climate change related legislation and its development, allowing us to devise  effective policy instruments for a broad range of clients, from private sector to governments.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our team offers unmatched expertise in the design of project and program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) toolkits and frameworks, including indicator development and data collection

Capacity Building

The ability of organizations, communities and governments to function effectively and efficiently is critical. This is particularly the case in development countries, which are already the most vulnerable and are estimated to suffer the biggest impacts of climate change. At GreenCollar, capacity building is integrated into all programs and projects as a core  principle.